Palo Verde Groundbreaking Ceremony

January 27, 2022 was another monumental moment in the history of Murphy Signature Homes. We broke ground on another neighborhood that we are developing that will only have Murphy Signature Homes in the Traditions Club. We will be gaining 16 more homesites to continue to build modern & contemporary homes with unique architecture and high end luxury finishes within the Traditions Club & Community.

“When I told my vision to people about how I would develop neighborhoods with modern & contemporary luxury homes ONLY, they all laughed at me. Bankers told me it wouldn’t work, and people said there wasn’t enough demand. They also said that I would be the only builder in our market designing homes with the modern & contemporary style.
Where people see opposition, with God and vision I see opportunity, a niche and an untapped market for homes with unique architecture. I would say after the success we have had over the last 2 years, the buyer market agrees.” - Terrence Murphy Sr.

We just SOLD OUT 11 homesites on River Birch Cir, another street in Traditions Club that is exclusive to Murphy Signature Homes, and look forward to continuing our modern & contemporary vision with Palo Verde.

If you are interested in reserving one of these homesites or setting up a build consultation with our team, head over to our contact page.